This is what I wore today. I like playing around and experimenting a little with the camera while taking outfit pictures, and I think the result of today's outfit shooting actually came out really cool. Even though it's blurry and colorless. Or probably just because it is blurry and colorless.

I was basically wearing a silver grey loose fit dress, a super cozy cardigan, black transparent tights and my everyday heels. I combined it with my favorite bag, a black belt and some basic jewelry.
What do you think?


 This is what I wore this snowy Monday! Simple, basic and comfortable (a little cold due to the snow though) but I think the thick stripes on the skirt still gives the whole look that little chic touch that t needs. My hair has also amazing curls on these photos, since I just came from a 3 hour long visit at the hairdresser's when we took them. I'm so happy about how the result turned out this time. My hair has never been in better shape!

(BY THE WAY - this blog was originally called 7th Style, but I've now officially decided to change the name to Style by Reb.)


Say hello to one of my favorite places in the world - my very own room, also known as my little fashion corner. I thought I should show you some sneak peak photos of my closet. Here, in front of the mirror, I spend hours every day. I don't need anything else, only a few pieces of clothes and a mirror and I can entertain myself for hours trying out every possible combination and planning outfits for every happening that I could possibly need an outfit for. It's so much fun, almost like a hobby. 

 What do you think? I can say that I'm personally in love with having clothes as a part of the interior. This room is pretty new and still under progress, and I'm still working on the it and will hopefully manage to make it the cozy little fashion corner I've always dreamed of. Still need some more paintings or posters on the wall and an inspiration board to collect everything I find inspiring. I'll write more about that some other day.

But now, good night. ❤


Not everyone can afford a real Céline bag, but everyone can at least afford something similar. I honestly don't like bags that are copies of originals since that actually is illegal plagiarism, but I guess there is some invisible border between "copied" and "inspired by". Anyways, I love my fake Céline bag or whatever you'd like to call it. It looks quite the same as the original Luggage tote, and even if it didn't, it still gives the same impression.
I've decided to buy myself a real, original bag from my favorite brand some day in the future. No matter how expensive it is, I'm going to own my dream bag one day and that is going to be one of the best investments in my life. The questions is when I will have enough of money for that, though...


Hi everyone! Merry Christmas!
It's been a long time since my last post but I've recently decided to start putting down much more effort on this blog, start taking more pictures, making more posts and try to make it the great fashion blog I originally wanted it to be! And I can promise that 7th Style will be filled with lots of snowy winter pictures in the near future, since we've just got a beautiful white winter wonderland here in Finland. Just in time for Christmas!

So, this is an outfit I wore a few days ago, and one of my personal favorites for the season. I don't think you should skip white and light colored clothes just because it's winter. I mean, why would you? Why wouldn't white be a winter color - that's the color of snow for God's sake. I think white jeans work perfectly well all year around! So this is what I wore:

Fur jacket - Gina Tricot
White jeans - Dr Denim
Heels - Second hand
Loose fit t-shirt - H&M
Headphones - Urbanears
Earrings - Glitter
Light pink lipstick - Lumene (8 Sweet Pink)

Yes, please notice my wonderful earrings. I got them for Christmas and I've been wanting them for months! You get them in lots of colors and different materials from the amazing Scandinavian accessory and jewelry store Glitter. Make sure to make a stop there if you ever get the chance!