I wanted to show you the outfit I was wearing two days ago. The weather was amazing - so sunny and warm all day. I'll never get used to hot weather in May! But yeah, I love this outfit so much. It's nothing complicated or anything, but simply nice materials and a combination of pretty neutral colors.

 I was wearing:
Top - Braja
Shorts - Vero Moda
Watch - Vintage
Bag - Ceannis

Also shoes with flower print, a leather bracelet and nail polish in a purple shimmery color to match the bag. I totally love this bag so much and that was actually the reason I wanted to show this whole outfit. I bought it a few weeks ago but haven't really used it until now, even though I think it's perfect. It has a very nice plum color and is made of leather, I love the structure of it, and it's perfect for school when you need to bring books/papers/laptop. They fit perfectly into this bag! It's from the Swedish brand Ceannis! 

Are you still able to wear summer outfits? The weather here in southern Finland has been really cold the last two days, so I am not really able to do it myself... Hope you liked this outfit, please leave a comment so I can check out your blog too! ❤ 

100% WHITE

We've had such hot weather this whole week, and on Friday it was almost 30 degrees. When it's that warm outside I don't really feel for dressing up in any way and instead just go for the coolest (= the coldest) outfit that I could find. So, it naturally turned out as an all-white outfit. 
Combinations of white is and have always been something I deeply love. I think it looks so good with different shades of white together, even if there probably weren't that much of white variations in this specific summer look. It really doesn't matter if you wear it in summer or winter, according to me white works perfectly well all year around. I often go for similar looks in summer, not only because it's one of my favorite colors but also because it's so much nicer to wear light colors when it's warm outside.

I wore white lace shorts (my #1 favorite for the summer season!), a white half-transparent top and white shoes. I also completed the outfit with my big brown leather bag to break the white a little. And not to forget; my new sunnies! You can't really see them in these pictures but they have red glasses and I love them so much.
Honestly there wasn't that much of thought behind this outfit, as you probably noticed. 

These pics are taken on an wonderful island just a few minutes from central Helsinki by water bus/ferry. The perfect place to visit on a hot day like this one! 

Hope you're all having a great day. ❤


 These pictures were taken only a few weeks ago, when it still wasn't warm enough not to wear a jacket, which it luckily is today. Now my daily looks usually contain shorts and tops and it's still feels like it's too hot for that. Wish I could just lie on the beach all day instead!

By the way, I love beautiful parks that you suddenly happen to find inside of a city. Helsinki is no exception - I know I've said it before, but I think it's such a beautiful city with lots of beautiful places to photography. I haven't lived in Helsinki myself so there's still so much new to explore every time I go there.

I'm wearing my favorite jacket that literally works all year around. It's from the brand Esprit and the perfect slim down coat. I had been looking for one for months when I once happened to find this one day, and I immediately knew it was exactly what I had been looking for for so long.

And by the way, I have a question for you;
Do you have an instagram account?
I know many of you have, and I've made an own new instagram for 7th Style on which I'll start posting fashion pics, outfits on the go, details from my daily looks, snapshots from what I'm doing at the moment, nice things that happen in my life, cool clothes I see in stores, street style pictures... You name it! It'll be like a small blog on which I update more often besides from here, and I would LOVE to have some nice accounts to follow! So if you want, please feel free to comment and tell me your instagram and other accounts you like and would recommend, so we can follow each other. I haven't really got it started yet but tomorrow I definitely will, and I can't wait. @7thStyle


 Something I love to do when wearing a basic outfit which probably doesn't include that many bright colors, is to add one little detail of color to the whole. In this case, I added a little splash of pink to the black and white outfit, using my lovely sneakers and iPhone case as an accessory. I completely love sneakers and these are no exception! I bought them two summers ago but haven't really been wearing them that much since, I think they are very hard to match.. 
The black and white leopard shoelaces is a detail I think is perfect. I got the idea to add them to the sneakers when I first thought they were a little boring with their plain pink laces, so when I found these ones with a nice leo print, I fell in love. And I think the result turned out well too! It's a great tip to everyone; a pair of new shoelaces can completely brighten up a pair of shoes that need a little change. 

What do you think about these?


 Throughout the whole winter, I love going for this very basic black look, containing black heels, coat, jeans and bag. They are all my winter essentials and have saved me numerous mornings when I feel like I have nothing to wear. 
I am a person who like bright colors and big patterns, so wearing this sometimes makes me feel a little boring and colorless. But then I just simply remind myself that black is the color that never goes out of time, and can look stunning even in the simplest combination of clothes. 
The bag is my everyday bag which I found last time I was in Copenhagen, and the shoes are from a second hand store. My lovely coat - good looking but actually not warm at all, is bought from H&M a few years ago. 


Moschino is probably one of the brands that never disappoint you. I can't do anything but simply love their spring/summer collection this year! I mean, look at this pictures! Warm and bright summer pastels, the pink, girly, fluffy Barbie look and a little touch of the 80s. Red lips, fluffy heels, plastic flamingos - I want it all!


Grey skirt, sneaker heels, fluffy cardigan and a big plastic necklace - material love.
This was one of my outfits earlier this season, when I enjoyed the last sunny and warm days before it started to get cold. The shoes I'm wearing happen to be my favorites ever. They are from New Yorker, a store that you can't walk into without coming out with at least one bag full of new clothes. Cheap, cool, comfy clothes in all different styles. 
I wore this look in central Helsinki; the background of my pictures. The capital of Finland surely is a very beautiful city!


I am so happy that I'm finally able to actually start writing on this new blog. This is an idea I've had for a long time, I've always wanted to start a real fashion blog where I can only focus on clothes, styles, trends and everything that interests me within this subject.
To introduce myself a little - I am a 16 year old girl living in Finland. I've lived in Stockholm before and now live close to Helsinki. I love cities and traveling, shopping and exploring new things, and not to forget my passion for fashion. I have not actually loved fashion for such a long time, this is a pretty new interest for me which I fell in love with just a few years ago. Since then, my way to dress and personal taste in clothes has changed and developed a lot, but now I would say I have found my very own style, which I'm about to share through this blog. 

I get very inspired from two main sources - people on the street and fashion blog. I love seeing how other people dress, according to myself there is no one who hasn't her/his own style, because every taste is unique. I hope people will like my blog, probably start following it, and I can't wait to follow others too! I will keep this blog as my fashion journal, a place for me to collect everything about fashion that I want to share. My own outfits, people I get inspired by, clothes I want, shoes I've seen, a color combination I've fallen in love with, my favorite fashion bloggers - you name it. Hopefully this will be a nice mix of fashion posts reflecting my own style. 

7th Style is now officially opened and I can't wait to get this journey started! Join if you dare.