100% WHITE

We've had such hot weather this whole week, and on Friday it was almost 30 degrees. When it's that warm outside I don't really feel for dressing up in any way and instead just go for the coolest (= the coldest) outfit that I could find. So, it naturally turned out as an all-white outfit. 
Combinations of white is and have always been something I deeply love. I think it looks so good with different shades of white together, even if there probably weren't that much of white variations in this specific summer look. It really doesn't matter if you wear it in summer or winter, according to me white works perfectly well all year around. I often go for similar looks in summer, not only because it's one of my favorite colors but also because it's so much nicer to wear light colors when it's warm outside.

I wore white lace shorts (my #1 favorite for the summer season!), a white half-transparent top and white shoes. I also completed the outfit with my big brown leather bag to break the white a little. And not to forget; my new sunnies! You can't really see them in these pictures but they have red glasses and I love them so much.
Honestly there wasn't that much of thought behind this outfit, as you probably noticed. 

These pics are taken on an wonderful island just a few minutes from central Helsinki by water bus/ferry. The perfect place to visit on a hot day like this one! 

Hope you're all having a great day. ❤