Hi everyone! Merry Christmas!
It's been a long time since my last post but I've recently decided to start putting down much more effort on this blog, start taking more pictures, making more posts and try to make it the great fashion blog I originally wanted it to be! And I can promise that 7th Style will be filled with lots of snowy winter pictures in the near future, since we've just got a beautiful white winter wonderland here in Finland. Just in time for Christmas!

So, this is an outfit I wore a few days ago, and one of my personal favorites for the season. I don't think you should skip white and light colored clothes just because it's winter. I mean, why would you? Why wouldn't white be a winter color - that's the color of snow for God's sake. I think white jeans work perfectly well all year around! So this is what I wore:

Fur jacket - Gina Tricot
White jeans - Dr Denim
Heels - Second hand
Loose fit t-shirt - H&M
Headphones - Urbanears
Earrings - Glitter
Light pink lipstick - Lumene (8 Sweet Pink)

Yes, please notice my wonderful earrings. I got them for Christmas and I've been wanting them for months! You get them in lots of colors and different materials from the amazing Scandinavian accessory and jewelry store Glitter. Make sure to make a stop there if you ever get the chance!