Not everyone can afford a real Céline bag, but everyone can at least afford something similar. I honestly don't like bags that are copies of originals since that actually is illegal plagiarism, but I guess there is some invisible border between "copied" and "inspired by". Anyways, I love my fake Céline bag or whatever you'd like to call it. It looks quite the same as the original Luggage tote, and even if it didn't, it still gives the same impression.
I've decided to buy myself a real, original bag from my favorite brand some day in the future. No matter how expensive it is, I'm going to own my dream bag one day and that is going to be one of the best investments in my life. The questions is when I will have enough of money for that, though...


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  2. Love your outfit especially the white and black bag.
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  3. Wow, your bag is amazing :)


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